I was born in Achillion Magnesia where I would insist to live up to now. In very small age, pupil of the elementary school even, I felt to have won the music and particularly the song.

Throughout the week I expected when would come Sunday to hear the new releases of "Columbia". The songs written in my mind with the first listening.

Therefore, from 1990 I have gone into the family of instrument makers. I have build and and given too many musical instruments in Greece and abroad: America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa to known and unknown.

At some time I met Costas Papadopoulos, this great soloist [mpouzoukioy], who, after saw my mpouzouki, 8chordes, for the accuracy, asked me where I have learned to make instruments. I told him that I am self-taught. He said that the sound that this instrument makesm is the sound of "Zozef", that all manufacturers are looking for.

I am so satisfied with this, , I said "I do not know if this or not the sound of Zozef, all I want is to create good musical instruments and to have everywhere friends".

Therefore, since then, this sound describes me. Is a part of myself. This characterizes me. When the musicians listen to it, recognize «the sound of Schoina»......read more